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The Customer Journey: An Experience Through The Senses

The Customer Journey: An Experience Through The Senses


March 5


09:30 am - 11:30 am

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IPS Business Advisory

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25 Burler Drive #Unit 1, Vasse, WA 6280

Vasse, WA, AU, 6280

What’s it like to be YOUR customer? Walk a mile in their shoes using the five senses.

Have you ever thought about what it’s like being your customer?

What is it they see, smell, hear, can touch or taste that brings them coming back for more – or never seeing them again when they’ve barely stepped inside the premises? What is your X Factor?

This workshop gets you to view your business from a perspective you might not have considered – through the senses. Join Sana Turnock as she guides you through the senses so that you can create a sensory experience your customers will want to experience again and again.
Outcome: Learn customer service tips by engaging the senses.
Suitable for: New retail and hospitality staff and tourism-led businesses in a bricks-n-mortar environment. Professional development refresher.
Presenter: Sana Turnock

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