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Joining the Busselton Chamber of Commerce opens up a world of advantages tailored to your unique business needs. With three distinct membership plans – Non-Profit, Entrepreneur, and Company – you’ll find the perfect fit to boost your growth and connect you with an exceptional network.

Registered Charity

Available for Non-for-Profit Businesses Only
$ 204 Annual Membership
  • Access tools to magnify your mission
  • Gain exposure & build a strong network
  • Get Expert Guidance on Regulations
  • Be Listed in Busselton Business Directory


Businesses with fewer than 12 employees (including owner)
$ 300 Annual Membership
  • Join our Influential Local Entrepreneur Group
  • Tools & Resources to Grow Your Business
  • Discounts & Promotions for the Entire Year
  • Be Listed in Busselton Business Directory


Businesses with 12 or more employees (including owner)
From $ 474 Annual Membership
  • Foster collaborations & growth opportunities
  • Stay informed with economic briefings
  • Gain a Competitive Edge in Your Sector
  • Be Listed in Busselton Business Directory

What Our Members Say

Joining our chamber means unlocking the keys to strategic business planning, overcoming obstacles, and seizing sustainable growth opportunities, all tailored to your success.

Sponsors & Partners

Our Sponsors

The Busselton Chamber of Commerce is an independent non-for-profit organisation that relies on the support and engagement of our Members and Sponsors. Thanks to these companies and organisations your Chamber continues to employ local staff to organise events and programs that contribute to the diversity and growth of our local communities.


Frequent Asked Questions

The BCCI is a non-profit, membership-based organisation in Busselton, Western Australia, dedicated to supporting and promoting local businesses.

Joining the Chamber offers benefits such as networking opportunities, access to resources and services, advocacy for business interests, and increased visibility within the local community.

$204 for non-for-profit groups that are a registered charity. $300 for businesses with fewer than 12 FTE. $474 for companies with more that 12 FTE’s.

The Chamber’s membership typically includes a diverse range of businesses, such as retail shops, restaurants, professional services, manufacturers, and other local enterprises across various industries.

Yes, members of the Chamber often enjoy exclusive benefits, including access to CCIWA for HR and legal advice, free or discounted tickets to networking events and workshops, and special accommodation discounts through partnerships with hotels.

To stay updated on Chamber news and events, you can subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for real-time updates and announcements.

To become a member of the BCCI, click the membership buttons, fill out a membership application, and follow the provided instructions for payment and registration

Members have access to various events and networking opportunities, including an annual business awards night, bi-monthly ‘Business After 5’ events, monthly women in business lunches, and informative budget breakfasts, providing valuable platforms for networking and business development.

The Chamber advocates for local businesses by engaging with local, state, and federal governments, representing the interests of its members in policy discussions, and actively working to create a conducive business environment through lobbying, research, and promoting economic development initiatives

Yes, the Chamber often offers advertising and promotional opportunities for members, including listings in the verified local Busselton business directory, as well as advertising options on TV, radio, newspapers, and social media, helping businesses increase their visibility and reach in the community.

Yes, non-profit organisations that are registered charities are eligible for Chamber membership, and sole proprietors may inquire about payment plans to make the membership more accessible

The Chamber hosts bi-monthly ‘Business After Hours’ events and monthly women in business lunches as networking opportunities, and members are generally encouraged to actively participate in these events and engage in networking activities to foster connections and promote the local business community.

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