Branding for Business Success

Branding for Business Success


May 2


09:30 am - 11:30 am

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IPS Business Advisory

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25 Burler Drive #Unit 1, Vasse, WA 6280

Vasse, WA, AU, 6280

Learn how to create a presence in your community, online and wherever you go.

Running a business isn’t just about the day-to-day operations. It’s also about creating a presence in community, online and wherever you go.

Think Nike, KFC, McDonalds. Their brands and logos speaks volumes without words.

Creating a brand takes thought and time. It may even evolve over time. How do you want to show up in your business consistently? How you want to present yourself, your product or service is part of branding. Whether you are new to creating a brand or want a refresher, come along and join the session.

– Identify whether you have a brand already and does it need some tweaking
– Have the understanding to start creating your brand if you are new in business

Suitable for: new business, business new to the branding journey, or as a refresher
Presenter: Sana Turnock

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