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Manglesii Contracting


Product Description

Manglesii Contracting is a locally owned and operated landscape maintenance company based in Busselton, Western Australia. Since its establishment in 2009 Manglesii Contracting has been dedicated to building strong local connections while providing reliable horticultural services to the commercial property sector.

At Manglesii Contracting our mission is to elevate outdoor spaces through top-tier landscape maintenance services. We are dedicated to delivering precision and excellence in our work, offering clients unrivaled care and tailored solutions that transform their landscapes into robust, commanding environments.

Fueled by a deep appreciation for the outdoors and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, we aim to be the go-to partner for preserving and enhancing the natural charm of our communities. Rooted in our horticultural expertise, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project, ensuring sustainable practices and the flourishing health of the natural elements we nurture.

Our Services

Proudly holding Horticultural qualifications, Manglesii Contracting has far ranging capabilities, including:

  • Garden Installation and Maintenance:
    • Planting, with a focus on 5-45L pots.
    • Pruning.
    • Hedging.
    • Mulching.
    • Safe application of fertilisers, wetting agents and weed control pesticides and herbicides.
    • Soil conditioning using a rotary hoe.
  • Reticulation Installation and Maintenance.
  • Lawn Maintenance:
    • Cylinder mowing for small gardens
    • Rotary mowing for ovals, paddocks, and vacant blocks (including fire breaks).
    • Vertimowing/dethatching of lawns.
  • Chemical application for weed control (pest license business registration #2615).
  • Water Features:
    • Pond and water feature installation.
  • Hardscaping:
    • Paving.
    • Fencing and small retaining walls.
  • Playground Services:
    • Installation and inspections.
  • Mechanical Aids:
    • Utilisation of mechanical aids, including excavators, bobcats, mini earthmovers, and augers.


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