New Membership Tiers Announced

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Introducing new membership tiers help us deliver more tangible products & services to businesses and organisations that can not only help the organisation as a whole, but importantly begin to offer individual services for your employees.

Your membership fee covers the cost of employing our local Busselton Chamber team, as well as the cost of the membership to CCIWA and the state-wide services they have capacity to provide. We have negotiated reduced membership fees for our local members.

As well as business access to professional advisory services – such as Legal, HR, OSH, Financial services – every staff member also has access to online e-Learning and Training courses from CCIWA (link to, as well as individual representation and support in workplace relations.

We think it’s fair and good value for companies to offer their employees access to the training and up-skilling opportunities that come with your Chamber membership. It makes your organisation more attractive to current and future employees.

Busselton Non Profit Membership

Tier 1: Non-Profit Organisations. $204/year. Save $101.
We understand that funding can be tight for community and non-profit organisations, yet these organisations provide so much for the community. Our new lower-priced tier enables more organisations the extra piece-of-mind that the Chambers of Commerce are on your side – no matter what situation comes up.

Busselton Entreprenuer Membership

Tier 2: Entrepreneur Membership. $300/year. Save $25.
For businesses who employ 1-12 people.
Our classic membership is now cheaper. The majority of the businesses here in the South West are small businesses – honest folk who are getting an idea or innovation off the ground. We’ve are able to make Chamber membership that little bit cheaper for you so you can invest your capital in building your business to be all that you want it to be!

Busselton Company Membership

Tier 3: Company Membership. Starting from $474/year.
For Companies who employ more that 12 people.
The new Company tier offers more opportunities for leaders to create a workplace culture that supports and acknowledges all staff members. While we understand that until now, only a few team members have engaged with the Chamber through networking and events, the new Chamber Effect is actively empowering and engaging all levels of staff. Our members can report increased levels of ownership and accountability when their team members participate in e-Learning, and in-person training & workshops. Reward your team with Chamber membership today.

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