About the Chamber

Who Are We?

The Chamber was established in 1937.


We are a member organisation – funded by members (not government), for members.
Busselton Chamber of Commerce and Industry is focused on its members providing products, services, training and values to help members improve their business.

Vision: “Your Business Voice

The Busselton Chamber of Commerce is “your business voice” for the Busselton business community.


Our charter is to – drive sustainable business growth, reduce business obstacles, plan for tomorrow and make opportunities reality.


Our mission is to be a proactive organisation representing the voice of Busselton business and industry by offering exceptional value to members and partners and to be recognised as the group that makes things happen.


The Busselton Chamber has built solid respect from local, state and federal governments and within the Community. We advocate on behalf of all forms of business – micro, small, medium and large – ensuring industries have a say on the issues that impact upon the economic viability of businesses and the region as a whole.

Driving Sustainable Growth

Reducing Business Obstacles

Planning for tomorrow

Making Opportunities reality

Your Interests

Whether you join for benefits specific to your business, or because the health of your business is determined by the health of the local economy, the Busselton Chamber of Commerce and Industry is for every business.

We are working to make our region a better place to do business.

Our Aims & Objectives

  1. Be a pro-active, ethical, dynamic and highly visible enterprise in areas which are of concern to business and professional people in Busselton;
    Provide a formal and social environment for members to support and network with each other;
  2. Provide up to date and relevant information base for business and professional people in Busselton;
  3. A business and professional organisation which actively promotes the interests of the business community in Busselton. To this end the Chamber will be pro-active;
  4. Ascertain the business community’s expectations of the Chamber;
  5. Actively seek new members;
  6. Establish effective lines of communications with the business and professional sector and the general community;
  7. Vigorously represent the interests of the Chamber at all levels of Government and the private sector;
  8. Actively promote Busselton as a regional business and tourist centre;
  9. Ensure that the Chamber generates sufficient income to achieve all its objectives;
  10. Facilitate an on-going interaction between all members of the Chamber.

Chamber Executive


Matthew Wright – 9751-6900 (Wk)

Vice President:

Michael Brown – 0438-090-737


Michael Smart – ceo@busseltonchamber.com.au

Finance Director:

Mark Sissoev – 0409-548-064


Bronwyn Watt – 9754-2694

Committee Members:

Graeme  Thompson – 9754-2038 (Wk)

John Williams – 9752-4166 (Wk)

Phill Cronin – 0406-486-575

Talitha King – 9754-2385 (Wk)

Corporate Sponsors