Guest Blogger Trinite Williams of Busso Vape shares customer cessation journey

Busso Vape xmas 1

A guest blog post from Busso Vape owner and Legalise Vaping advocate Trinite Williams:

In October 2018 I met 2 ladies well outside of our general age demographic who were wanting to explore the alternative to smoking following one of their sonís success in ceasing the use of combustible tobacco products (cigarettes) with my help. The 2 ladies are neighbours (78 & 67 years of age) and are pensioners who smoked tobacco products for 50+ years. They had found themselves financially burdened with the twice-yearly increase of taxable excise on tobacco products which had now forced them to pool their funds together at the end of each fortnight to buy staples such as milk and bread.

The impact to hear that they are now in a position where they are considering deferring household bills to allocate funds for tobacco products had me beside myself with the feeling that nobody should be in the position in their later years of life. I spent a few hours with 1 of them, providing all the information and evidence along with guidance and assurance of continued support when going through a product I had selected for her individual needs. Following the Christmas of 2018, I visited them and asked about how their Christmas with family went. I was amazed when they said it was one of the best Christmasís they had had for many years. Previous years had affected them with sleepless nights leading up to the festive period wondering where they were going to find the money to buy presents for their grandchildren and even great grandchildren. They had saved so much money when they stopped smoking in October that not only did, they have enough for the grandchildren but this year they even had enough to but themselves gifts.

I continue to drop in just to say hi and even after 50+ years of smoking combustible cigarettes, I would have to say it is my proudest moment to know they are over 2 years smoke free and now living a somewhat comfortable quality of life without financial burden.