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Five Masters share practical strategies and insights over dinner

Business After 5 sundowners have long been a success, as have our workshops, but after a tumultuous, energy-depleting ride on the Covid-19 rollercoaster, it’s time to focus on our community and business wellbeing. So, we’re bringing together five business masters to share practical strategies and their own learnings around financial wellbeing, accessing venture capital, empowering your staff to create great customer experiences, hiring for emotional intelligence and focusing on business goals.
The first five masterclasses address some of the challenges that have bubbled up over the last year, around cash flow management, empowering a team, hiring during a skills shortage, funding innovation and avoiding burnout.
It’s tangible, practical information you can implement the very next day – and remember for years.

Inspire your change makers

Dinner is better with mates, and we urge you to bring your staff to this series of dinners at Merchant and Maker Dunsborough. You need change-makers inside businesses, and it’s very hard for a change-maker to effect change alone. So, bring two or three teammates to learn the strategies and understand the concepts, so you have a greater chance of successfully implementing and gaining momentum.

A new way to connect

Anna Momsen at Merchant and Maker and Jo Edmond at Core of Wellbeing ran some fantastic community wellbeing events and I’ve had the idea of some sit-down dinner masterclasses. It takes a lot of energy to create an event, so we decided to combine them. We have access to the business community and masters through the Chamber, Anna and Steve have the venue and desire, and Jo and her daughter Crystal Lee passionately promote the benefit of investing time to change the way you go about business and community organisation.

“The best conversations come out over a good meal”

Anna Momsen.
Merchant & Maker

“The best conversations come out over a good meal,” says Anna, who has created a warm and wonderful space to meet in Dunsborough, with communal tables and delicious food. “We love using the space for community events. The business masterclasses are exciting as we can gain knowledge, share experiences and get inspired.”
Merchant and Maker will host the series, providing tasty dinners from their in-house range. “We make take-home meals in jars, preserved the old fashioned way by steaming the jars. It was the business we had in Denmark before moving to Australia four years ago.”

The Masters

11 August 2021.

Financial Resilience

Simona Hughes Financial Utilities
with Simona Hughes

“Financial resilience is the ability to withstand, adapt and thrive in the face of shocks that are internal and external, as well as known and anticipated.”

Covid-19 has delivered financial shocks as well as opportunities. This masterclass sets you up to face future uncertainty with confidence.
How many health issues are derived from worrying about money? Get the tools to improve your financial wellbeing, discuss practical strategies and how to implement them.

Simona Hughes is the MD of Financial Utilities, a modern accounting and business advisory firm. In her role as CFO for several large clients, Simona drives the businesses from a financial and operational perspective to ensure they maximise their opportunities, profit, cash and assets to create sustainable wealth for the business owners and shareholders. She will share strategies as well as lived experiences in building resilience.

22 September 2021.

Start Up Ventures

Simona Hughes Financial Utilities 2
with Terrence Dewar

Terrence Dewar has done an incredible job getting The Australian Biome Project underway, with three large domes being built near Perth Airport to showcase the unique climates and environments of Western Australia.

It will be a massive tourist drawcard, a place to explore the unique attractions and discover indigenous culture, all in one place.
His is a fascinating story, as he secured venture capital for the $510m project. Terrence will speak on the paradigm shift in raising capital to develop new ideas, which can prove challenging for the innovation ecosystem in the southwest.

Terrence will give an open look at how the concept and planning stages of The Australian Biome project made it possible to get support from private and government organisations to provide a multitude of financial, economic and social benefits locally and internationally.

17 November 2021.

Customer Experience

Simona Hughes Financial Utilities 3
with Nate Sturcke

I first met Nate when he emceed the State Innovation Summit. He has great energy, and really engaged us to start thinking out of the box, focusing on some practical exercises.

Nate founded a leading WA innovation and education company SOMA – Skills of the Modern Age – a forward thinking business that recognises that we don’t do business the way we used to. He’s developed proprietary software to measure the customer experience – complaints, wait times, delights, products that are moving fast, and which team members are performing well.
Nate will share strategies for developing great customer experiences, giving staff autonomy to improve your business outcomes. It’s going to be a very interactive, collaborative workshop with an opportunity to share your own challenges and successes in developing great customer experiences.

22 February 2022.

Emotional Intelligence for Business Leaders

ECBW Master HeadSticker
with Joanne Edmond

Psychologist Jo Edmond recently co-founded Core of Wellbeing with her daughter Crystal-Lee, and both are passionate about promoting your emotional wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of your business.

They’ve held events around community wellbeing and emotional resilience and were key to bringing this latest masterclass series into fruition.

In this masterclass, Jo drills down on emotional intelligence, and what is means when hiring for EQ. Explore how we engage and have empathy with our colleagues, and how emotional intelligence is one of the defining characteristics of success in the workplace.

Jo will talk us through the brain and science of emotional intelligence, and strategies for integrating this new knowledge into your team and workplace.

23 March 2022

Strategy and Productivity

ECBW Master HeadSticker 1
with Michael Smart

I’m excited to share on one of my favourite topics – aligning your team and keeping focussed on company goals and projects.

Beat procrastination and anxiety at work to focus on what matters every day – building momentum on your projects and ideas. I’ll teach practical ways you and your team can use processes and experiments that keep your team on track by validating ideas and learning from them.
It’s easy to get distracted by fixing problems or focusing on the ‘busy work’ and it takes great discipline focusing on customer service – it can feel like you’re doing your business a disservice. Pushing toward financial or altruistic goals keeps your business moving forward, growing and flourishing and accomplishing.

I’ll draw on my background as a User Experience Designer and Innovation Strategist working sharing tips that work for companies big and small.

Invest in you

You’ve been working your socks off for the last 15 months with little support or inspiration from the outside. You’re working hard in your business without a spare moment to think strategically.

These masterclasses allow you to step out and think strategically, and by breaking bread together you can see flickers of collaboration points and something like a self-help group of like-minded entrepreneurs sharing services in the local community. It’s more conducive to collaboration than a quick beer.

Secure your spot

Book your ticket to one – or multiple – masterclasses.

A discount is offered should you wish to purchase more than one session, with instructions using the code “multi” in the Eventbrite description

BCCI & DYCCI members should use the discount code “chamber” to get 25% off all tickets.

Each event is to be held at Merchant and Maker Dunsborough, commencing at 6.00pm.

The Enhancing Community & Business Wellbeing Masterclass Series is a BCCI Initiative

Busselton Chamber CCI

In collaboration with Core of Wellbeing, Merchant & Maker, DYCCI

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With Support from the City of Busselton Community and Grants Program

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