Comeback Stronger than Setback

Busselton Business Clusters

2020 has made many small businesses face some unique and complex challenges; viruses and bushfires on top of the normal cost pressures most small businesses must face. Much of what we’re navigating is unchartered territory. We can’t control what happens in the world around us, but we can control how we respond to it.

So let’s start planning our epic comeback now.

SW small businesses are coming together and discussing our challenges, sharing ideas and solutions together, so we can work to make our comeback stronger than our setback.

We are starting to see new initiatives and ideas coming from our members to support local businesses.

  • Our local member business Spice Odysee – Hidden Kitchen & Curry Van has started doing cold/frozen curries for customers.
  • Local shoppers in Busso can have the store to themselves on Thursday April 2 by making a 30 minute personal shopping appointment!
  • And on the east-coast Byron Area, Annika Korsgaard is also offering personal shopping service for self-isolating.
  • More inspiration from The Bunbury-Geographe CCI, as they have developed a dedicated FB page, Bunbury Dine-Out for all of their eateries to promote their takeaway and delivery menus.

It is actions such as these and the efforts made in ensuring local businesses are supported through this time, that make us proud of our members and their commitment to supporting regional businesses.

Let’s talk about creative solutions and strategies to help each other out and recover from these difficult circumstances brought before us.

To help come up with innovative ideas and solutions for local businesses here in the Busselton and Capes region, I’m holding an online Creative Problem Solving session next Tuesday 24th March. It’s an interactive workshop – focussed on the challenges you bring to me on the day – we’ll use a technique I helped to create called the Lightning Decision Jam to prioritise ideas you might want to try for your business! Sign up on our Eventbrite page

We’ll do well as businesses, by doing good!



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