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Trinite Williams owns and operates Busso Vape, the most recognized and regarded Vape brand in the South West of WA. Starting his journey as a home business in 2017 along with a Facebook group to provide a space for community members to share their journey to quitting smoking referred to as cessation, tips and knowledge including impacts vaping has had on their health and the financial benefits of making the shift to a harm reduction alternative. 

The constant challenge vapers have is the stigma associated and often the unfortunate judgement attached to a combustible tobacco product. Trinite focuses his energy on educating himself with the subject content and actively advocating to change the laws around vaping for his individual rights and the right of many who are yet to decide or discover the technology of a harm reduction alternative that is vaping. Trinite is well known across Australia for his active involvement in advocacy and the high level of education he offers to his customers whether they are a long-time vaper or just beginning on their journey to quit smoking. 

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Busso Vape have employed staff who have also shared the same success to a smoke free life using vaping products. Each member genuinely enjoys sharing their own experiences and stories of the negative impacts smoking had on their health, finances, and mental health and how vaping reduced the health and financial burdens and additionally offered a positive community support mechanism. 

Trinite tells us These guys could spend hours chatting to you about the benefits and the impact Trinite has had on their lives, through providing them positive empowerment and support with opportunity to bring them out of long-term unemployment and given the sense of purpose with employment that is interesting, engaging and positively benefiting the community.

One of the fantastic staff, John encourages customers to come in, have a chat and share their stories to help spread the word on the effectiveness of vaping to come off cigarettes. I Smoked for 19 years and quit nearly 3 years ago thanks to vaping frosty grape flavours. My story is one of many. If you have a quit story you would like to share come visit us in store and grab a photo with our vaping saves placard. John

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Opening a retail outlet in 2020 was defined by the organic growth of the community and now the many successes of people Trinite had engage over a 2-year span. With all the challenges that 2020 provided, it didnt stop Trinite and the Busso Vape team from forging ahead, succeeding financially and now celebrating their 1 year anniversary on Monday 25th January. This is a great opportunity to catch up with the team and learn more about vaping and the impact they hope to have on the community with destigmatizing it and growing a movement toward harm reduction.

To support the local community and encourage shopping local, Busso Vape get actively involved in the community through events, community groups and being part of the Busselton Chamber of Commerce Shop Local program. Busso Vape were on the organising committee for Christmas in the City 2021 organised by Building Busselton and the City of Busselton decorating their window, promoting the event and opening late to get involved. 

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Trinite has a huge bank of stories from community impacts, personal vaping journeys and educational information about legalities, safety of products and how to quit smoking with vaping but we would like to highlight one story in particular, click this link to read his guest blog.

Responsible Service & Education of Legalisation:

Responsible service and education of the products are at the top of the agenda for Busso Vape, customers who come in and are first time vapers are asked about their history of smoking, why they want to move to vaping (or start vaping) and Trinite offers advice and information based on the customers responses, age demographic and personal needs. Very few businesses do this which really sets Busso Vape apart, their tailored service, education, and interest in the customers they service is the genuine passion they have in sharing their success of smoking cessation and switching to a harm reduction alternative. In W.A. there is no legal age requirement for the sale of vaping products, yet the industry is firm on a self-regulated approach with an implemented age restriction of entry into any vape store. This is to ensure the intended use of these products are only ever sold to the people who need and or would benefit them. Trinite is staunchly firm with I.D. requirements for entry and facilitating a seating area away for children whose parents may visit the store, which is out of clear view from the products that are displayed. Trinite has told stories of under 18s coming through with fake IDs attempting to buy products, he is sure to send them away (and in some cases has known their parents and even engage them to allow them to openly discuss the subject of vaping as they may be unaware). 


Want to know more?

Busso Vape will be at the Busselton Chamber of Commerce BA5 on February 16th (TBC based on Lockdown) and Trinite will be speaking about his story in business and advocacy in changing legislation. Come along and have a chat with Trin, hes a caring community and business member and wants to share his support and care to support positive change in the community. 

Busso Vape is currently closed for lockdown, offering online purchasing options and free delivery.