Business Health Check

Busselton Community programs

Starting the path to adapt your business through COVID19, and create the business you want in the future.

COVID 19 came upon us with a vengeance and the Busselton Chamber of Commerce and Industry have been leading the charge with providing practical and essential information to all businesses (not just members),† as well as providing all feedback we receive regarding how businesses are managing during this time, up the line to those making the recommendations and policy for Government.†

One of the tools businesses have found particularly helpful was our† COVID19 Practical and Financial Considerations.We issued this quite early to help businesses prepare as best they could to navigate their way through all the changes that were being implemented by State and Federal Governments.

As our Ďusualí business model has changed too, this tool has now morphed as conditions have continued to evolve. You see, for the past 2 years we have been able to offer our Business Excellence Awards for all businesses in the City of Busselton. These have been a great success with over 80 businesses applying over the two years.

The Business Excellence Awards (BEA) questions force you to look and work Ďon your businessí not just Ďin the businessí.  Many applicants of the Awards found this process challenging yet rewarding and  allowed them further insight into their business. What was working, what wasnít, where changes can be made, how they can streamline operations and what they were doing well without even realising.

Had COVID19 not been a reality, these BEA questions would have continued to be modified for the awards, but COVID19 provided us with the opportunity to further align and define our questions to be specific and current, and thus the Business Health check was initiated.

The Business Health check is a series of questions & exercises that help you step away from your business to gain more objectivity about the impact, challenges, and opportunities you and your team are facing due to COVID19 pandemic.

Gaining objective perspective on your business, will help you make decisions as you navigate through the COVID19 challenges. Answering these questions for yourself and your team will give you clarity about the things that are valuable to you and your business.†

As you begin to look for ways to be innovative and adapt your business, you can use this Health Check at any time for yourself and your team, and itís also a great basis for consultations with business advisors, your banking and finance partners.

The great thing about working your way through the Business Health Check is that you donít have to do this on your own either. Involving your team as well as reaching out to us at the BCCI where we can guide you or point you in the right direction to other providers who can assist you.

We are incredibly fortunate in the City of Busselton to have such supportive and collaborative advice and business networks and we encourage you to reach out to them.

In our Business Health Check we have included links to Finance professionals, Business advisors, marketing gurus, contacts in the Banking Industry and other professional services.

NOW, is the time to spend working through this document to give your business the best chance to succeed in this unprecedented landscape.