BCCI Industry Spark : Tourism and Accommodation

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On Friday the 24th of April the Busselton Chamber of Commerce and Industry held their second Industry Sparks event – this time, for the Tourism and Accommodation industry. The industry sparks produce tangible solution ideas that businesses and agencies can invest in and implement in the near future to truly support the recovery of a sustainable economy in the CIty of Busselton, and the whole SW region.

Importantly the work-sessions are connecting and facilitating the voices of businesses. This hands-on approach is giving business collaborations alignment and direction for high-impact projects that individual businesses are rallying behind.


During this Industry Spark, businesses shared the actions they are taking during the COVID19 crises that are helping them move their business forward, along with the problems they are facing right now.

Businesses were then asked to highlight their key challenges, as the industry realises our intrastate market will be our biggest market for the next 3-6 months at least – not our overseas market, and that there is opportunity to encourage support for local business and direct bookings.

It was evident that businesses within this region have a desire to work together to ensure that each one of us comes out of the COVID19 times with healthy businesses. The number one challenge from our voting session was How might we come together as a region and work more to promote intrastate market?

Once the group of over 35 businesses aligned on the top challenges, participants came up with many possible solutions to three of the Key Challenges and then prioritised solutions to help Spark an aligned effort to execute the ideas they believe will have the best chance of success.

Through this approach, businesses within this industry the unique opportunity to work together to create high-impact projects that are going to lift the entire industry into a more profitable position and thus positively affect the local economy moving forward.


The solution to our most prevalent challenge of working together and promoting intrastate travel was to Run “Support Local ” campaigns across local media with costs shared between each stakeholder – This would help these businesses achieve economies of scale while mutually benefiting from the campaigns results.

Jacqui Wells Sales Manager from the BDTimes advised, “following the BCCI Industry Spark focussing on Tourism and Accommodation, Seven West Media which includes experts across the state (incorporating our 19 regional mastheads, The West, Sunday Times, Community Newspaper Group, as well as members of our digital team in Perth (who manage thewest.com.au and perthnow.com.au) have been asked at a recent meeting,  to come up with some ideas on how Seven West Media can help this industry to get the kick start it needs and reach not only the local, but also the intrastate market – so they are ready and top of mind as the borders start to open back up.”


This Industry Spark has provided tangible high-level projects that these stakeholders are now going to implement to ensure their businesses not only survive this season but thrive on the other side.

Industry Sparks is a tangible and practical example of the Chamber’s business advocacy within the Busselton region. We are working with industry governing bodies, government departments, and businesses to give our members the tools, the training, and the motivation to ensure the City of Busselton has healthy businesses and a sustainable economy coming out of the COVID19 crisis.

The Industry Spark format is simple, and repeatable – every business owner, manager, or team members can do this exercise themselves with their teams to find solutions and ideas to try in order to increase their chances of coming out of COVID19 crises with a healthy .

The MRBTA also has a fantastic resource library for businesses to keep up to date with the latest local community grants, restrictions and COVID19 related news to ensure that you are up to date with local news that is affecting your business. You can find it here.

You can read the executive summary of this Industry Spark Here

Our next Industry Spark will help the industry bodies of Wineries (Including Breweries and distilleries) of our South West Region and will be on Thursday 30th of April 2020 with registrations available here.